Financial Statements

The Manvel, Texas food pantry operated for many years as “Suzanna’s Cupboard” in a space donated by Grace United Methodist Church in Manvel Texas. When that church was closed at the end of 2015, Manvel Community Outreach, a non-profit corporation was formed to operate Suzanna’s Cupboard beginning January, 2016. While searching for space for the pantry in Manvel, the volunteers helped at the nearby Fresno food pantry which had a large influx of families in need from the closing of the Manvel pantry. Finally, 1n 2017, The Church on Masters Road offered space for the pantry and it opened its doors on the first Tuesday of March, 2017 with the new name: “The Well on Masters Road.”

Only the 2016 and 2017 statements reflect the Manvel Community Outreach operations. The prior years to the best of our knowledge reflect the Grace United Church food pantry and are included for comparison purposes only.

Food Pantry 2017 1st Qtr

Food Pantry 2016 Final

Food Pantry 2015 Final

Food Pantry 2014 Final