Manvel Community Outreach



Manvel Community Outreach is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charity that helps those in need in and around the Manvel, Texas area. It runs a food pantry called “The Well on Masters Road.” The volunteers at The Well on Masters Road all donate their time with no pay to operate the food pantry. They drive to the Houston Food Bank to load food purchased at a discount, drive it to the food pantry, sort it and give it out to the hundreds in need. Since there is no payroll to support, almost all of the donations go directly to the families in need. Manvel Community Outreach contacts various agencies and organizations that can supply help to people in various ways such as referrals, legal and medical help and education. These agencies and organizations are invited to set up tables at the food pantry. This is an immense help to the clients who are many times so limited in family resources that a trip to these agencies would require using money needed for food, rent and utilities. Food drives are an integral part of the food pantry. Various schools, churches and businesses in the area conduct food drives that provide a big part of the food that is distributed. It is picked up, sorted and stored on shelves until it can be given out. Manvel Community Outreach is always exploring the possibility of securing grants from agencies and corporations.  Individuals, churches and businesses that make donations are the backbone of the Manvel Community Outreach. They provide the money needed to buy the bulk of the food given out from the Houston Food Bank. Even though the Food Bank deeply discounts their food as compared to a grocery store, they still collect enough money to sustain their organization and maintain their ability to supply the huge amounts of food needed to supply the hundreds of pantries in the Gulf Coast area.

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